Wednesday, November 11, 2015

just a single mom?

Just a single mom?
I am the strength, the enforcer, the nurse, the curer,
I do what many cant, 
I live day to day with almost nothing,
But I work two jobs to make enough so my son doesn't want for nothing,
I wear clothes passed down multiple times,
I need to make my son happy not i,
my hair is a mess. but my son needs a haircut more than me,
Those shoes are so cute to bad my son needs something again to,
maybe next month i will treat myself,
next month never comes,
when will it be time for me?
my son is more important and so is food , 
Its ok to lose myself, the only one who needs me is my son,
Im everything to my son,
what are you to your son who has two parents,
he only has me, im doing the best i can, 

But my son is always as happy as he can be,
I must be doing something right ,
to see that smile on his face it definitely pays to be me!

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