Wednesday, November 21, 2007

one more chance!

one more chance,
is all i need,
to make you relize we were ment to be,
i have changed,
and i need you back,
give me some slack,
you got a girl,
i have no man,
you were my man,
i will wait for you,
no matter how long it might take!

tiffany Yakes


i've made mistakes,
but havent we all,
my biggest mistake was loosing you,
i love you with all of my heart and only you!

Tiffany Yakes


with no place to go,
wishin you would stop,
stop believing in what they say,
and believing that i am fading away,
i am in hiding where am i to go?

Tiffany Yakes


one day you love me,
one day we dont speak,
am i losing you,
so to speak,
i am true to my words,
i can promise that.
there aint no going back!

Tiffany Yakes

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

love vs. Hate

what hppens when,
the one you love,
becomes the one you hate?,
tears and joy fade,
hatred and fighting becomes a game,
but the biggest of them all who can push the other over the edge first,
by name calling,figting and teasing,
but thats not the game i choose at all!

Tiffany Yakes

you left!

you left yesturday,
i didnt know it,
i couldnt hug you,
or kiss you goodbye,
tell you how i felt,
only if i knew,
only if i could hug you,
and kiss you,
one last time,
tell you i love you,
always and forever,
to say goodbye!

Tiffany Yakes

empty : (

i sit here feeling empty,
because there is no one to hold me,
no one to comfort me,
just an emptyness,
that needs to be filled,
filled with joy,
hugs and kisses,
someone who says you can do it,
someone i can call my man!!

Tiffany Yakes

blondes<------ one of My favorite ones

blondes are cute,
blondes are fun,
they will pull you in
with there charm!

Tiffany Yakes


blondes are dumb,
they can be quite ditsy,
clumsy as can be,
jokes like no other,
they can be quite smart,
smart- elec as you can get them,
But fun like no other!

Tiffany Yakes

i wonder?

do you ever wonder?
the grass is green,
the sky is blue ,
or why god gave you the greatest gift,
the very best friend you could ask for,
why ?

Tiffany Yakes

Cant help it!!

cant help but,
loving you,
smiling when i am around you,
wanting to be with you,
having fun when i am around you,
get mad when you are goin with another girl,
cant help but love you!!

Tiffany Yakes


i smile from the inside out when,
i see you,
when i hear your voice,
when someone,
says your name,
when i see your name,
when no other girl is around you but me,
when i dial your number,
i smile when im around you,
I smile from the inside out!

Tiffany Yakes

I tryed!

i tryed to get over you,
but its hard to get over,
when i seen your name i smiled,
i smiled from the inside out,
when they said your name i couldnt stop smiling,
because i knew that i was your and you were mine,
i just hope we can try it again,
i tried to get over you really i did,
i started a fire wich i didnt mean to,\
i didnt know dry leaves burnt that fast,
i loved you at first sight,
it will take me forever,
to get over you,
i will love you,
always and forever!

Tiffany Yakes
11: 30 pm

Material Things!!

In this life its all material things but i dont need:
cars+ money
Cotton candy,
choclate + diamonds
promises + teddy bears
all that matters is that i have you !

Tiffany Yakes


i need you,
to show me the stars,
the moon full or half,
i need you,
to hold hands with down the street,
to complain to,
i need you,
to walk through the park with,
to go places with,
i need you,
to show me the way,
to show me and tell me everythings gonna be ok,
i need you,
to confort me when i am in need,
help me through the rough times,
i need you,
always and forever,
to love me!!

By tiffany Yakes


you let me go today,
and now i am lost,
i cant find my way,
i miss you so ,
i wish you never let go,
i am just waiting for someone to rescue me,
i didnt think,
of everything we shared,
it would end like this,
but now i am gone!

tiffany Yakes


i once was deep into a forest,
now i have came to a clearing,
you brought me out of the darkness,
and showed me the light,
when you let go i will get lost,
when i am lost i feel like i am in hiding,
but you found me,
you led me out of the forest,
but i am afraid when you let go ill go back ,
Never let go!!!

By tiffany Yakes

Aunt! (dumb lol)

there is a boy hes bald chubby great looking he dont really do much exept sleep and cry who is this boy i am talking about?

My Nephew Riley

Tiffany Yakes


hey , hey hoe take off those skanky clothes you know you a hoe so get down on the flo!!

by Tiffany Yakes and Mary Culp

Fuck this!

Fuck a duck and screw a kangaroo i cut myself woopdey doo? no one cares about all the shit i have been through ove and pain is such a bitch its hell and fire is what i desire! who cares anyways?who gives a damn for me? my attitude is fuck you! care an inch? well fuck you to stupid bitch! whats poppin pimpin? notta lotta here wanna fight? lets go fuck with me and i will fuck you up cutten myself is nothing compared to all the shit i go through! you mother fucking tittie suckin 2 ball bitch with a rubber pussy and a ping pong dick you think you can handle this?bitch you run away from this you boo ball bitch! i dare you to step to this ~you fucking bitch!

3:36 am 7-29-05

i was an very angry child lol

i dont understand?

i dont understand this shit happening to me everything i once loved seemed to never loved me giggles and tears and through all this shit that we have been through dont matter he never loved me like i loved him does anyone on this planet respect me so damn much if i cared for them they would care back?

I wrote this:
1:51 am 7-24-05

By me
Tiffany marie Yakes

something i wrote when i was mad at an old friend!

you fuckin bitch you wont step to this,
you say i am your sister forever ever,
Fuck you! you stupid slut,
go fuck cody thats what you want,
i hate this shit,
you talking shit about me,
fuck you bitch,
you aint nothing to me,
you think i give a damn,
bitch you better think again!!

i wrote this poem:

By Tiffany Yakes