Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Growing up To early makes you change, 
Change your thoughts and your being, 
For now it's about this little tiny human being,
A  being you create which was a Lil fun, 
But now it's time to grow up no more fun, 
You lose yourself and your dreams, 
For now they are just distant memories, 
Bills pile up, your work cuts hours,  your only 18 and your world turns sour, 
But you know there is a way, 
For that tiny being Isn't tiny anymore,
He is now 4, 
Your 23 and realizing its almost to late,
To go back to college and have an actual career,  allot of stress, allot of sadness because you knew you could have been great,  your a great mother always stand on your feet, but at a dead end job that's not bitter sweet,  but I look in my sons eyes, 
I would do it all again for his laughter is unique,  and when he smiles I know I've done something right,  
This Lil boy is my sun light, 
He guides me through sorrow and pain, 
That's when I know I will be OK.