Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fuck this!

Fuck a duck and screw a kangaroo i cut myself woopdey doo? no one cares about all the shit i have been through ove and pain is such a bitch its hell and fire is what i desire! who cares anyways?who gives a damn for me? my attitude is fuck you! care an inch? well fuck you to stupid bitch! whats poppin pimpin? notta lotta here wanna fight? lets go fuck with me and i will fuck you up cutten myself is nothing compared to all the shit i go through! you mother fucking tittie suckin 2 ball bitch with a rubber pussy and a ping pong dick you think you can handle this?bitch you run away from this you boo ball bitch! i dare you to step to this ~you fucking bitch!

3:36 am 7-29-05

i was an very angry child lol

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